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Shelter in place Jams!

Eyes of the World

words by Robert Hunter

Shelter in Place Jam

From Kansas City, MO

Brendan MacNaughton: vocals, guitar

Max Berry: guitar

Jerrod Foutes: bass

From Marietta, GA

Bob Newton: Drums

Sod Bustin' Man

words and music by Barry Hutchinson

Shelter in Place Jam

From Jackson, Mississippi

Barry Hutchinson: vocals, guitar, bass, keys

From Dallas, Texas

George Cloy: Guitar

From Marietta, Georgia

Bob Newton: Percussion

Josh Newton: Drums

Steve McQueen

Words and Music by Mark McDonald

Shelter in Place Jam

Mark McDonald (NC) - Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Organ

Bob Newton (GA) - Drums

Ole Slew Foot

written by Jimmie Horton

Shelter in Place Jam

Jim Roe - Banjotar

Rob Platner - Guitar

Pike Powers - Mandolin, Lead Vocals

Marc Sommers - Guitar

Tom Spach - Bass

Bob Newton - Drums, Backing Vocals


Social Distancing Jam

Atlanta, GA

Robert Planter - guitar/vocals

David Goo - Cello

Blair Price: Keyboard

Bob Newton - Percussion

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